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Our working group, named IG Ascleps for short, is over 10 years old (founded October 1999). The number of members grew rapidly and counts today over 160, mostly from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other European countries but also from the USA, Namibia and Chile. The aim of the group is to support the knowledge and care of the Asclepiadoideae, to support the efforts to protect endangered members of this plant subfamily as well as the contact and exchange of experiences among fanciers of these plants. This includes contacts to other specialised interest groups and societies.

Our members are generally interested in Asclepiadoideae and dedicate a lot of time to this plant subfamily. Some own large collections of predominantly succulent plants, others prefer the non-succulent or even frost hardy species. Window collectors are just as welcome as owners of green houses, beginners are evenly appreciated as experts.

Once a year we meet for our annual general meeting in Berg (Germany, East-Bavaria). Here, experiences may be exchanged, the necessary elections are carried out and the group is supplied with new ideas. Lectures are similarly part of this meeting as the exchange and sale of plants which takes place all day in the side rooms during the breaks.

Our journal “Caralluma” is published three times a years featuring articles and information. Also, we offer the internet forum “Asclepius” and a library which is growing fast. Questions are always welcome to the members of the chair committee and the committee’s office.